After Action Report on D-Day Pig Roast Picnic

Our 16th Annual D-Day Picnic was a success.  Another SUNNY day in Oregon!

Amazing that in all the years of this event we've only had one cloudy day.  

Over 80 people attended and traveled from all over the Pacific NW - Seattle, Lincoln City, Heppner, Eugene and points in between.  Many sleeping bags and tents and hammocks were “thrown down” among the apple grove.  All the couches were filled and reservations were required to stay in the “Silver Bullet” Airstream!  

Members of the West Coast Airborne Assn, AJ Baker Ranger Base Chapter, Mt St Helens 101st Chapter  were here - some napping in the shade, some telling lies and some working the auction and raffle.  

In attendance –Walt Allegar and his wife, Robin Bartel, Al Bernardi & Norma, Tracie Bunch and her dad Jim Norene,  Betty Carpenter, Ed Casciato, Tony Cervantes & friends, Bill & Ruth Collins, Brunk Conley & daughter,  Mike & Kate Davis,  Dorothy Domingues,  Jerry & Kaye Gomes, Nino, Tony, Julia,  Elizabeth & Brian Custor, Dax McTaggart & Charlie, Tommy Bayne & Erin,  CSM Frank Grippe & Carla & Madeline,  Dale & Estle Harlan, Bill Hays, Patrick, Steve & Audra Healy, JK Johnson,  Laf Keaton, John Kiefel & his daughter, Sam Kimpton, Bill Kohlmeyer, Brian Kraft, Darvin & Molly Lee, Terry & Yolly Low, George May, Roosevelt & Carolyn Mitchell, John Reid, John & Phyl Sherman, Pat Simpson, Ray & Sheila Westbrook, Bill & Peg Wingett and son, Ralph Younce,  Col. Bert Key Oregon Nat’l Guard, VFW Post 4273, Kathy Kirchner – and many more. 

Over $1000 was raised by the raffle and auction which goes towards Eagle Family Support Fund donations, picnic expenses and ROTC plaques.    Thanks you everyone for being so generous.  Ray Westbrook was busy with his digital camera throughout the day and hopes to take individual pictures of everyone for our scrapbook and history.  

Chaplain George May brought out his shiny trombone and played Taps very beautifully in honor of our deceased members and fallen soldiers.  

Thank you to everyone that helped especially the Marines John & Mez  that BBQ'd the 150 pound hog 4:00 a.m comes mighty early!!  Thank you to Dax and Laura who cut and served the pork. Thank you to our sons, Tony and Nino and nephew Tommy that prepared the tables and chairs in advance and cleaned up afterwards. Thank You to Jerry who worked until dark each night for a week weeding the garden, cleaning the barn and getting our place spiffed up for the picnic!  He also spent an afternoon in town shopping

with me for the food and wine for the event.   And Thank You to the helpers in the Kitchen! Dorothy Domingues and Carolyn Mitchell and all the other ladies who washed dishes.  

Menu: Desserts by the Donut Dollies, BBQ Hog, Coleslaw, German Potato Salad, American Potato Salad,  Chips, Dips, Fruit, and assorted libations!   For those that forayed across the garden, fresh raspberries were ripe for the picking fresh off the bushes. Madeline gathered eggs from the chicken house for our Biscuit & Gravy & scrambled egg breakfast!

 Brunk Conley admired Jim Norene’s carved soldiers, Darvin Lee showed us his photos and 506 Scrapbook, Roosevelt Mitchell presented Jerry Gomes with a new Screaming Flag. The Gomes boys made a trip to the local hardware store for plastic pipe and made themselves some dandy potato guns and a good time was had by all. 

The Chapter appreciates everyone coming to this annual event from such long distances around the Pacific NW.    We hope to arrange an Eastern Oregon get-to-gether in October during Pheasant Seasona trip up to Ft Lewis, and possibly a luncheon or breakfast in the Southern Oregon area to see our members that are unable to travel so far these days.   It’s too short to fly and too far to drive! 

Members who couldn’t attend but sent their best wishes were:  Kevin Cody, Robert Janes, Rey Martinez, Al Viste, Myrra Shivers, Michael Smith, Juan Ulep, Bibiana Gomes, Tex Hardin, Hugh Kiser. 

Lost Eagles:  Dennis McManus,  Joan Lupescu, Dave Henslee,  Steve Chappius, Jeanne Princen.

If anyone knows their address, please let us know.

 Oregon Cascade Chapter
101st Airborne Division Association
Kaye Gomes – Supply Sgt.